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Semi-Truck Accidents

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Semi-trucks are susceptible to a range of accidents, including rollovers, typically triggered by excessive speeds during turns or overcompensation when trailers drift, presenting significant dangers to nearby vehicles and pedestrians due to the trucks' height and instability. Tire blowouts are frequent due to tire wear and tear, worsened by extensive mileage and heavy loads, with many trucking companies neglecting timely replacements, leading to potential loss of control and accidents. Jackknife incidents, where the truck folds at the connection between the cab and trailer, can stem from equipment malfunctions, improper braking, or adverse weather, often causing collisions across multiple lanes and heightening the risk of rollovers. Underride collisions occur when smaller vehicles fail to stop in time and slide beneath the truck's trailer during sudden braking, resulting in fatal injuries due to roof shearing or decapitation, underscoring the deficiencies of rear underride guards and the lack of side guards. Improper loading or overloading of cargo can result in lost load crashes, presenting hazardous obstacles for other motorists, while distractions such as cell phones or logbooks can lead to rear-end collisions with potentially fatal outcomes. Additionally, T-bone collisions at intersections can prove deadly for occupants of smaller vehicles struck by semi-trucks failing to yield.

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