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Criminal Case Flat Fees

Our clients are charged a flat rate for legal representation. This flat rate covers representation from arraignment to trial. Many law firms require clients to put down an initial deposit and then they also bill clients by the hour. This can quickly become expensive. When a client is facing criminal charges it is usually an unexpected event. B. Hicks Law does not want to add more stress to clients when they are facing criminal charges. Our flat rates help clients have a clear understanding of what they will pay for legal services.  Flat fees are determined by the seriousness of the charges and the amount of time required to work on the case. Flat fees cover legal representation. There may be additional costs for court fees, expert witnesses, and outside investigators.  

Misdemeanors        $2,500  [1][2]

Level 6 felony      $3,000  [1][2]

Level 5 felony      $3,000  [1][2]

Level 4 felony      $6,000  [1][2]

Level 3 felony      $7,000  [1][2]

Level 2 felony      $10,000 [1][2]

Level 1 felony      $15,000 [1][2]

Murder              $20,000 [1][2]

[1] Rates do not include fees like court costs, 3rd party fees, travel, copying, etc. These are the responsibility of the client and are billed as incurred.

[2] Rates are subject to change without notice and may change based on specific circumstances


Payment Plans

Most people do not plan to be charged with a criminal offense. Clients often do not have funds set aside to cover the cost of legal representation. B. Hicks Law understands this and works with clients to create payment plans to cover the costs of legal representation. These payment plans help clients by allowing them to make biweekly or monthly payments.

Client Credit

B. Hicks Law utilizes LawPay and Affirm, to provide clients with the option to pay for their legal services using credit. Clients can apply for credit through LawPay and Affirm.


B. Hicks Law accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). 

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